BPC 157 5 mg - A peptide that heals joints

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Unique action of Bpc-157 

BPC 157 is the peptide that will enable you to repair your joints! The structure of this agent is, like that of other peptides, composed of peptide chains. BPC 157 consists of 15 amino acids and does not occur naturally in the human body. The main advantage of this product is its amazing effect on regeneration and healing of the body and it removes toxins! It has a beneficial effect on inflammation caused by accidents or the result of overloading the body. The positive effect of the agent shows in the treatment of injuries and regeneration of skin, tendons, joints and bones. Body Compound 157 affects muscle regeneration. BPC increases blood flow in damaged areas, which allows them to regenerate faster. The supplement is used for stomach problems and to improve the functioning of the brain and memory. If you are taking other medications or if there are any allergic interactions, stop using the peptide and consult your doctor. The peptide is recommended to be used in particular when using Trenbolone on a cycle.

Side effects

During many years of research not shown side effects. The peptide has been tested for over 10 years, so you can use it with confidence. If there are any undesirable effects, you should first check if it is definitely the result of using BPC. So just put it down! If you are not sure if the BPC has caused any repercussions, you can, for example, take a break and then go back inside.


No organization has put this Wednesday on any official anti-doping list therefore it is possible to use it by athletes taking part in competitions. It is a great convenience for athletes and active people. The body is exploited through continuous training and large amounts of food. BPC should be taken at least in medium doses and to show its properties, and therefore it is an expensive supplement, and practically everyone who tries it does not disappoint and uses this remedy for a long time.

How much to take? Dosage and preparation of BPC-157 5mg:

BPC should be mixed with saline or injection water. Injection dosing is aboutd 50mcg daily to 500mcg twice a day depending on the problem. The smallest dose is usually taken precautionary.

BPC 157 available on RottweilerPharmacy.pl 

Our Score

2 reviews for BPC 157 5 mg – Peptyd, który leczy stawy

  1. Runner280

    Knees like new. I never thought I would run again. Works great!

  2. Kris

    Polecam. Może placebo, może nie, ale po kilku dniach zauważyłem poprawę a ból stał się mniej dokuczliwy. Dawka ed 500 mcg. Testuje dalej.

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